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        Quality with a Conscience


        Our Story

        Caring About Our Health Since 1972.

        Rowe first started raising grass fed cattle on his Guelph, Ontario farm in 1972.
        Rowe’s passion for producing animals without the use of antibiotics, growth promoting hormones or animal by-products is where the Rowe Farms Conscience was born.
        For John, his dedication to grass fed beef is a progression towards a more balanced food system. If you ask John why the interest in Grass Fed Beef, his answer: “I believe that what is environmentally best is also best for us”.
        While most people are used to eating grain-fed beef, cattle cannot easily digest grain and corn and are unhealthy as a result. On the contrary, according to Rowe, grass fed cattle are healthier and keeping the entire food chain healthier.

        Animal Welfare

        At Rowe Farms, being a conscientious company means treating animals with respect and dignity. All of our animals are raised locally in humane and low-stress environments, without the use of antibiotics or growth promoting hormones. They have open access to food and water, and eat strictly vegetarian diets. It is important that the farms supplying Rowe Farms understand that Animal Welfare is always evolving and moving forward. We will continue to enhance our protocols to offer the highest levels of animal welfare that is feasible.



        GMO Free

        ? 100% Grass fed beef
        ? GMO Free Lamb
        ? GMO Free Tamworth Pork

        Preservative Free Deli

        ? Sliced Roast Beef
        ? Frozen turkey hotdogs
        ? Frozen beef hotdogs

        Antibiotic Free /
        Hormone Free

        ? Beef
        ? Pork
        ? Chicken
        ? Lamb
        ? Turkey


        ? Eggs
        ? Chicken
        ? Rainbow Trout
        ? Salmon

        Retail Locations


        893 Queen Street East
        Toronto East

        The Beach

        2126 Queen Street East
        Toronto East


        1027 Gordon Street

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        • Mon - Wedn: 9AM to 6PM
        • Thurs - Fri: 9AM to 7PM
        • Saturday: 9AM to 6PM
        • Sunday: 10AM to 6PM

        Bloor West

        2230 Bloor Street West
        Toronto West


        105 Roncesvalles Ave
        Toronto West


        448 Danforth Ave
        Toronto East

        Brands We Love

        At Rowe Farms we strive to provide our customers with the best local brands that share our vision of quality and sustainability.

        Meet Our Farmers

        Real Farmers Making Real Food All of our animals are raised locally, right here in Ontario by the dedicated men and women who are our conscientious farmers. We work in close partnership with our farmers to develop a sustainable agricultural model that is economically viable for them. In doing so we are able to keep local farmers on their land supplying our customers with healthy food.